Vascular Disease & Imaging

Vascular Disease & Imaging services offered in Upper West Side Manhattan, New York, NY

Vascular Disease & Imaging services offered in Upper West Side Manhattan, New York, NY

Vascular disease refers to conditions that affect your vascular system, including the arteries, veins, and vessels. When vascular disease is detected at an early stage, Haleh Milani, MD, FACC, and the team at Central Park West Primary Care and Cardiology Physicians can help slow down the disease progression and prevent serious complications. They use imaging tests for diagnostic evaluations and long-term monitoring. Call the office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, to schedule an appointment or book your next visit online today.

What is vascular disease?

Vascular disease is any disease that affects the function or health of your veins (the blood vessels that carry blood to your heart), arteries (the blood vessels that carry blood away from your heart to the rest of the body), or smaller vessels (connects veins and arteries).

Like many types of chronic health conditions, you can have vascular disease for years without developing any symptoms to tip you off to the problem.

During that time, however, the disease silently causes progressive damage to your blood vessels, putting you at risk for serious complications such as non-healing ulcers, tissue death, stroke, heart attacks, and limb amputation.

What is imaging?

Imaging tests are valuable tools for detecting, diagnosing, and monitoring conditions affecting your vascular system. They allow your provider to visualize structures and blood flow so they can pinpoint abnormalities that may lead to future complications.

Central Park West Primary Care and Cardiology Physicians gathers information about your vascular health and function. They use that information to develop your personalized treatment plan for vascular disease and might continue to use testing to make sure the treatments you get are effective.

When do I need imaging for vascular disease?

Central Park West Primary Care and Cardiology Physicians routinely uses several types of imaging to diagnose and monitor various vascular conditions. Vascular screening is based on your age and other risk factors. If you’re 55 or older, you should consider vascular imaging tests.

However, you may need earlier screening if you:

  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have high cholesterol
  • Have diabetes
  • Have heart disease
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Have a history of smoking (or currently smoke)
  • Have a family history of stroke
  • Have a family history of aneurysms
  • Have a family history of atherosclerosis

What types of imaging are used to monitor vascular disease?

Some common options are:


Ultrasound uses sound waves to create detailed images of the blood vessels in your body, revealing blockages, blood clots, and other vascular problems.

Another technique called Doppler ultrasound enhances the information by showing the direction and speed of blood flowing through your vessels.

The carotid artery is the primary blood vessel that sends oxygen-rich blood to your brain. During a carotid artery ultrasound, the team is looking for plaque buildup along the blood vessel wall, which determines your risk of having a stroke.

Ankle-brachial index

Like your carotid artery, peripheral arteries that supply blood to your extremities can also accumulate plaque, which may affect blood flow.

The ankle-brachial index (ABI) is a non-invasive test that compares blood pressure readings in your ankles with the blood pressure readings in your arms. The results help determine the risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Call Central Park West Primary Care and Cardiology Physicians or book your next vascular disease evaluation and imaging test online today.

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Frequently asked questions

Vascular disease encompasses conditions that affect your vascular system, which includes arteries, veins, and smaller vessels. It can silently damage these blood vessels over years without noticeable symptoms, potentially leading to severe complications like stroke, heart attacks, and limb amputation.

Imaging tests are crucial tools for diagnosing, monitoring, and managing vascular diseases. They provide detailed images of blood vessels, helping to identify blockages, blood clots, and other abnormalities that may indicate or lead to serious health issues.

Imaging tests are recommended if you are 55 or older, or earlier if you have risk factors such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • A smoking history
  • A family history of stroke, aneurysms, or atherosclerosis

Central Park West Primary Care and Cardiology Physicians utilizes several imaging modalities, including:

  • Ultrasounds: Utilize sound waves to visualize blood vessels and detect issues like blockages or clots.
  • Doppler ultrasounds: Provide additional details on the direction and speed of blood flow.
  • Carotid artery ultrasounds: Focus on detecting plaque buildup in the artery that could increase stroke risk.
  • Ankle-brachial index (ABI): A non-invasive test that compares blood pressures in the ankle and arm to assess for peripheral artery disease (PAD).

You can schedule an evaluation or imaging test by calling Central Park West Primary Care and Cardiology Physicians or booking an appointment online. Early detection and monitoring are key to effectively managing vascular disease.

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    Dr Milani is an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Columbia university Medical Center with a teaching appointment at Columbia / Cornell and Mount Sinai Hospitals in New York."
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