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How We Can Help You Lose Weight and Sustain the Results

Jan 18, 2024
How We Can Help You Lose Weight and Sustain the Results
Millions of people struggle to lose weight every year, but the fight to keep the weight off and stay healthy is just as important. Read on to see what we can do to help you not just shed pounds, but stay slimmer and healthier.

Weight gain among Americans is a problem that has only gotten worse in recent years, with an overall obesity rate of over 20% in all 50 states as recently as 2022. As many as 17 of those states have rates as high as 35%, and in general over two-thirds of the US population are considered to be either overweight or obese. 

With the rise in weight also comes higher risks of chronic diseases that can be dangerous to your health, and losing weight is a solution to help with lowering that risk. However, the struggle of not only shedding pounds but keeping the weight off is far more challenging than it sounds, as millions of people trying to do it discover every year. 

Achieving a healthy body through weight loss is possible, and if you live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, Dr. Haleh Milani and her dedicated medical team at Central Park West Primary care and Cardiology Physicians can help.

Now let’s examine the importance of weight loss for your health, the reasons trying to lose weight can be difficult, and what we can do to both help you shed pounds and keep them off.

The importance of weight loss

When you’re overweight, you’re carrying extra fat, water, bone and muscle, and this can be the result of more than just eating fatty foods and not working out. Often your weight is affected by several issues, including metabolism, genetics, family history, and environmental factors as well as what you put into your body.

Whatever the reason for the extra weight, having it raises your chances of dealing with a variety of conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, breathing problems, certain types of cancer, and gallstones. 

Often, a loss of just five percent of your body weight can help a great deal in lowering your risks of the various conditions mentioned, as well as ease up the pressure the pounds put on your bones and joints.

Why losing weight is difficult

Losing weight is not something where one solution is perfect for everyone, as a variety of factors affect your weight aside from diet and exercise. 

Difficulty sleeping, dealing with high levels of stress, lack of guidance about how to do it properly, and changes resulting from menopause or general aging can also affect weight gain. This also means that as you get older, your metabolic changes and other related issues can also make losing weight an uphill battle. 

Lifestyle choices, like desk-based jobs, inactivity, high alcohol consumption, lack of motivation, or emotional eating due to depression can play a role in weight loss regardless of age.

How we can help sustain weight loss

The important thing about losing weight and keeping it off is that the choice to start this path needs to be a long term goal. Millions of people who start a weight loss regimen and lose a few pounds tend to relapse, or rely on fad diets which are generally not sustainable. Here are some ways we can help you lose weight and stay thinner:

Start you on a customized exercise regimen

Exercise is key for burning calories and reducing weight, and getting into a routine you do daily will make a world of difference in making changes sustainable.

Start you on a sustainable, healthier diet plan

Diet is another important factor in your weight and overall health, so customizing a nutritional plan that fits your specific needs will not only give your body what it needs to function better, but to help your exercising be more impactful.

Start a weight lifting regimen

Losing weight also means losing muscle, so getting into weight training can help you maintain muscle mass while getting rid of the unhealthy fats you can do without.

Keep you hydrated

Drinking water daily can not only reduce the calories you take in; it can also increase the amount you burn during the day.

This is a lifelong journey that we can help you start on the right foot, so if you’re ready to lose weight and stay thinner and healthier, make an appointment with Dr. Milani and her team at Central Park West Primary Care and Cardiology Physicians today to get started.